Canvas Stretching Geelong

July 1, 2014


What is Canvas Stretching?  Is it all the same?

Canvas Stretching seems to be the item of custom framing people see the least value in but is it all the same?
The short answer is NO.  As with most things in life, you do get what you pay for.

Canvas stretching is a custom framing technique whereby a roll of canvas, usually with either original art or a digital print on it is literally stretched over a wooden frame, called a “stretcher bar”.  The front plane of the stretcher bar is angled so that only the very edge of the canvas rests on the frame.  This ensures the best possible aesthetic benefit when viewing the finished product.
As it is a labour intensive procedure the finish is only as good as the workmanship.  There are a few points that differentiate between a basic budget job and a good quality finish :
– The quality of the stretcher bar itself.  It must be sturdy and not bow with the pressure created by the stretching.
– Corners should be neat, tight, straight and symmetrical.
– Corners should always be folded to the top & bottom so as to minimise what is visible from the side view.
– None of the edge colour should be visible on the face.
– The back should be clean and tidy and taped.
– The canvas should be tight and square with no wrinkling.
At Easternview Picture Framers we have lots of experience stretching canvases and will provide the best possible finish for your canvas, whether it is valuable artwork, a family photograph or art bought on a roadside whilst travelling overseas.