Canvas Stretching Geelong

July 15, 2014


Great creative frames can do a lot to enhance the character of the art being framed.  We often hear the comment that people just want something simple but go on, be brave – BE BOLD!!
Plain frames have their uses but often don’t do the art justice.  For example, the painting below is a rich and vibrant character study on canvas.  The colours of the painting are opulent but seem to capture the subjects’ simple yet vivacious life.
After we stretched this canvas over a stretcher bar we added this beautiful frame.  It’s gorgeous, coppery finish has a slightly beaten look which compliments the painting for richness of design without looking “too new”.  Its’ chunky pattern respects the painting, adding to its’ vibrant but simple nature in a way that “simple” frame couldn’t.
At Easternview Picture Framers we have a wide range of unique frames and can suggest the perfect frame to enhance your art in the best possible way.