3D Framing Geelong

August 19, 2014


The most effective way to frame your art is to not only use colours which are complimentary to the object being framed but the clever use of textures can also add greatly to the overall effect.

At Easternview Picture Framers we have a great range of mats and frames which can significantly enhance your artwork.  The use of interesting materials can be very suggestive so it’s always important to consider the “feel” of the object being framed, whether this is modern, aged, natural, bright, naïve, etc.
For example, below is a beautifully delicate little artwork on a “stick”.  It’s obviously painted on a natural, earthy background so staying true to this style in the framing is important.

The organic coloured mats and the grain feature of the frame compliment the timber background of the painting are suggestive of nature.  We have used a mid depth frame to allow for the thickness of the art, the artwork is floated and the mats are set to the front of the frame to provide the effect of looking into the art.

Overall, the effect is simple, delicate and complimentary.