Art Frames Geelong

October 13, 2014


All styles and fashion change.  We only need to look back at photos over the last 10, 20 or more years to have a good laugh at ourselves in our acid wash jeans, or dare I say it, Lady Diana hair styles (now I’m showing my age).  But as fashion changes so does the style of our homes.  We change and update our furniture so it’s often a good idea to change the framing of our art.  Often, artworks can be given a new lease of life just by changing the framing. A picture that may have looked dated before can look fresh and modern and a new frame.  This lovely painting of Lorne from the golf club (originally framed in the 70‘s) looked dark and heavy before we reframed it.  The new, lighter, more natural looking frame and the addition of matboard opened up and modernised up this timeless painting.