Shadow Box Frames

November 4, 2014


Generally most fragile items can be framed.   The wedding cake sugar flowers below were of sentimental value, being made by our customers’ family members, and far too pretty to just store in a cupboard.  Framing them allows them to be both preserved and displayed so they can be appreciated.  The main consideration when framing something of a fragile nature is how it is going to be fixed into the frame.  The item needs to be attached securely, so it’s not going to move around, and the fixation method cannot damage the item.  Where possible we make sure the fixation method is not visible and helps to preserve the item.  We can use a variety of methods for attaching fragile items and will work out what is best in consultation with our customer, so they are comfortable with our method for framing their precious item.  Have a look in our gallery of 3D objects for other interesting items we have framed.