Picture Framers Geelong

January 15, 2015


One area of custom framing that is frequently underappreciated is design.   Customers often compare materials and cost but not usually design skills.  And really this is the most important aspect of all.  There is no point in making the most technically correct or the most cost effective frame if the design does not work.

The best designs firstly, compliment the style of the image and secondly, use colours that are, if not matching, at least complimentary to the image.

Consider the hand coloured etching below.  It is simple, uncluttered and earthy / neutral.  The best framing will reflect this style.  The earthy toned float (bottom mat), lightly contrasts with the paper while picking up the tones of the shadows in the background.  The top mat is light and just a bit flatter than that of the paper used, while a little pin stripe (the second mat) is used as a highlight which compliments the shadow on the pup’s chest.  The frame is sleek but of a depth of colour which makes those gorgeous, patched eyes the complete focus of your attention, as they should be!

A quick note on technique :  the image has been raised off the bottom mat by 5mms (see the shadow of the paper at the bottom of the image) and the top mats are separated from the bottom mat by 10mms to give the effect that the image is just floating in the middle.