Needlework Frames

February 2, 2015


Whether you’re a needleworker or not, everyone can appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into creating delicate needlework treasures, stitch by tiny stitch!  The only way to prepare these for framing, in a manner that : 1) straightens and stabilises 2) does not damage the background fabric and 3) preserves, is to stretch and lace them.

At EPF we pin the fabric onto a piece a foamboard, following the grain to ensure the fabric is straight and square.  We then lace this around the foamboard to hold it in place when the pins are removed.  Sounds easy? Well, it does take some work but we know it’s the best way to prepare needleworks for framing.

To further prove a point, take a look at the photo of staples found in a frame, around 10 years old.  Not only do the staples break the threads of the background fabric, over time they rust and they also necessitate the use of a craftwood, highly acidic backing board.  But that’s not even the worst example.  Believe it or not, we have seen a beautiful little cross stitch, actually glued to a backing board!  So don’t just trust your needleworks to anyone.  Make sure they are treated in a way that respects the work that has gone into them, because really, they’re priceless.