Picture and Photo Framing

Whether your style is classic or modern, simple or ornate our experienced picture framers will use their years of design experience to help you choose the most appropriate framing for your item so that not only is it well protected but also beautifully presented.  At Easternview Picture Framers we frame to a standard, not a price.  However, budget options are also available.

As a quality design is essential to achieving a quality final product so we encourage you to bring your items to our showroom to discuss and view all framing options available and to see for yourself the potential of your items

We offer Geelong’s largest range of mouldings and matboards, plus a large range of framed samples, showcasing creative framing styles to inspire you. Plaques or calligraphy can be arranged, if required.

Our custom framing services include:

Whether the framing you require is simple, classical or ornate – we can use  a range of framing and mounting techniques to ensure your will be proud to hang the final product in your home or workplace.

We also have experience framing many unusual items.  See our section on Box and 3D ObjectFraming

For more information about Easternview Picture Framers look at our FAQs,

If you have any further questions about our custom framing services please contact us,  phone (03) 5229 5935, or pop in to our showroom at 162 Malop St, Geelong and talk to Craig and Kelly personally.


Easternview Picture Framers are proud of our strong history of working with Geelong businesses, sporting clubs and organisations in providing them with quality custom picture framing. At Easternview Picture Framers we pride ourselves in going ‘above and beyond’ to provide a quality service in all aspects of picture framing. We are Geelong’s first choice in...

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Artwork Framing

Preserve and display your artwork with a custom artwork frame made by the professionals at Eastern View Picture Framers. Our experienced Geelong picture framers will use the latest techniques to preserve your artwork so you can display it in style. Working with you, we will assist you in choosing the most appropriate custom frame so...

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Poster Framing

Too often posters are left to deteriorate in cupboards when they could be easily protected and display to be enjoyed after quality custom framing by the professionals at Easternview Picture Framers. Our experienced poster framers use the latest techniques to preserve your posters and display them using quality mouldings and matboards that complement the item...

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Print & Photograph Framing

Display your treasured prints and photographs in style with quality custom framing by the professionals at Easternview Picture Framers. Our superior workmanship and commitment to service at Easternview Picture Framers has seen us set the standard in picture framing in Geelong. At Easternview Picture Framers we encourage you to being your prints and photographs into...

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Memorabilia & Jumper Framing

Easternview Picture Framers are experts in memorabilia and box framing. From sporting memorabilia to military memorabilia and a range of 3D objects, we provide custom framing solutions that protect and display your special items so they look the very best. Our experienced framers will help you choose a frame and mount that will complement the décor...

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Box Framing & 3D Objects

Box Framing and 3D Object framing means your treasured keepsakes and memorabilia can be proudly displayed for all to see, and be protected for years to come. Box Framing and 3D Object Framing is a speciality of Easternview Picture Framers. Our framing professionals have the experience and expertise to frame just about any object and...

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Canvas Stretching

Easternview Picture Framers are Geelong’s trusted professionals when it comes to canvas stretching. The protection of artwork is paramount to us at Easternview Picture Framers with our experienced framers using only quality materials and techniques when stretching your artwork. At Easternview Picture Framers we use: Stainless steel staples to secure your artwork Kiln-dried strainer bars...

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Easternview Picture Framing only uses the ‘lacing method’ to frame needlework, cross stitch and tapestries to ensure no deterioration of your precious works over time. Our professional framers understand the time and care that you’ve invested into your craft and we do everything we can to make sure they’re safely displayed beautifully for you and...

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Easternview Picture Framing can design custom framed mirrors, or any shape or size, especially to suit the décor of your home of office. We invite customers and interior designers to visit our showroom at 162 Malop St, Geelong, and discover Geelong’s largest range of mouldings, which can be used to frame mirrors of any size....

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