Cross Stitch & Tapestry Framing

Easternview Picture Framing only uses the ‘lacing method’ to frame needlework, cross stitch and tapestries to ensure no deterioration of your precious works over time.

Our professional framers understand the time and care that you’ve invested into your craft and we do everything we can to make sure they’re safely displayed beautifully for you and others to enjoy.

When framing needlework, we carefully stretch the work over a board and use lacing to hold it taut so it will never slip. Easternview Picture Framers never use tape or glue to secure needlework, which could lead to slipping, discolouration or future deterioration.

We encourage you to visit our showroom at 162 Malop St, Geelong, to discuss how you would like your needlework framed, and also to look at Geelong’s largest selection of mouldings and matboards, which will give your artwork the quality finish it deserves.

As well as needlework framing, Easternview Picture Framers also specialise in Geelong Box Framing and 3D Objects.

Visit our showroom at 162 Malop St, Geelong, or contact us via email or phone on (03) 5229 5935.